Some examples:

* Emacs fails to update packages and always hangs on the same package - at 
least over the period of a few hours. A few weeks ago it was hanging midway 
trying to download haskell-mode, most recently it was markdown-mode.

* The sbt launcher jar can't download sbt. This is a very easy to reproduce 
case. It hangs straight away.

* An AJAX request on always hangs. It's always the same URL.

I don't have this problem in a non-Qubes Linux machine on the same Wifi 
network. I am guessing something like a checksum handling error - maybe a 
certain checksum value is handled incorrectly and this is causing packets to be 
incorrectly dropped somewhere inside my PC.

How would people suggest I track this issue down? My plan is to start with 
wireshark inside the AppVM, then look at wireshark on the FirewallVM, then on 
the NetVM, until I find where packets are being dropped or modified or whatever 
the issue is.

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