On Sunday, October 2, 2016 at 9:03:03 PM UTC-4, nishi...@gmail.com wrote:
> Uh ok, this ipv6 listening on my template set me in full paranoid mode. I 
> have found disappointing to see ipv6 wasn't disabled on Debian template, but 
> yea sorry, I went completely mad & full retard mode about Qubes on the rest.
> I thought I was betrayed. I have been betrayed a lot by relatives but that 
> doesn't mean I'm supposed to react like a dumbass and think of conspiracy if 
> I got one port listening... Sadly my imagination went crazy mode. I guess you 
> can call it a defense mechanism, but nevertheless, I am sorry about that.
> My boot problem is in fact related to "sudo dd if=/file.iso of=/dev/sdX" ends 
> up burning a UDF partition that refuses to boot. I tried your advices except 
> the ArchLinux one, but I guess I just have to keep trying. Also I read 
> somewhere I need to enter "bs=512" to burn more little fragments than the 
> original size to avoid boot problem with UDF. This might fix my issue, I will 
> try tomorrow.
> Fun part is that I want to go back to Windows only very briefly, to install 
> my mouse drivers and fix its sensitivity being too fast, as Linux drivers are 
> really painful to install for this model (I did it on Debian, it took me a 
> lot of efforts to make it work).
> Then I think I will probably join back in the future Qubes, as indeed it is a 
> very innovative OS. It's just I am interested on trying BSD systems. I found 
> a great guide to learn Korn shell scripting, watched all videos 
> https://m.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCAFDE9B81B30388E
> It was very interesting and very well made, allows you to understand better 
> how command line work and the logics behind programs !
> In fact I just want to learn to use a different Unix-based system than Linux 
> and try there what I have learnt on this great tutorial. It's easier when 
> your mouse isn't on steroids ^^

fedora is the default man. but its easy to disable on debian and all the other 
processes. I understand your assumption though, its common sense.

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