On Monday, October 3, 2016 at 1:14:13 PM UTC-4, nishi...@gmail.com wrote:
> It isn't a configuration problem but a driver related one. I made the mistake 
> to set up this mouse with a minimum DPI value that is too high. Anyway it has 
> by default a high DPI value that does not fit a browsing / workstation 
> profile. I bought it for gaming purpose, but I stopped playing video games.
> Problem is driver from manufacturer to Linux users is really bad as ofc they 
> don't sell it for that usage. So unless someone would know how to properly 
> burn a udf USB iso, I guess I'll have to reinstall baremetal Debian and take 
> an afternoon to compile sources and make it work, once again...

if it works in a baremetal debian, it should work in a debian based sys-usb.

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