Le mardi 4 octobre 2016 01:37:16 UTC+2, raah...@gmail.com a écrit :
> On Monday, October 3, 2016 at 1:14:13 PM UTC-4, nishi...@gmail.com wrote:
> > It isn't a configuration problem but a driver related one. I made the 
> > mistake to set up this mouse with a minimum DPI value that is too high. 
> > Anyway it has by default a high DPI value that does not fit a browsing / 
> > workstation profile. I bought it for gaming purpose, but I stopped playing 
> > video games.
> > 
> > Problem is driver from manufacturer to Linux users is really bad as ofc 
> > they don't sell it for that usage. So unless someone would know how to 
> > properly burn a udf USB iso, I guess I'll have to reinstall baremetal 
> > Debian and take an afternoon to compile sources and make it work, once 
> > again...
> if it works in a baremetal debian, it should work in a debian based sys-usb.

Thank you for the tip, I forget indeed to try this. But I found an easier 
solution as those drivers for Debian were considered as "outdated" by the 
manufacturer (confirmed xd it took me a lot of time to make them work :S) : to 
go for a Linux distro on where they were still implemented by developpers : )

So I just installed Ubuntu and they worked fine, took me 5mn to install and 
lower down DPI :)

Well so once again, really sorry having went on this full paranoid mode and 
talking shit about Qubes, thinking my HDD was hijacked or smth wtf.. So stupid 
and bad mannered from me... Unfortunately it comes from a previous rootkit 
experience on Windows so I suppose now when I see something kinda suspicious 
like an USB refusing to boot, I react like this, which isn't adapted at all.

I hope it's cool and that I didn't hurt anyone. Even though this ipv6 port 
listening surprised me, I will keep using Qubes as it is a great OS and the 
work done here by developpers is just awesome. Documentation is also clear and 
well written. I also like the fact it comes with Debian + Xfce, which is imo 
the best destktop manager on Linux. Simple, elegant, and still greatly 
customizable : ) I find it better than the current Ubuntu default desktop 
manager I just discovered, but I guess everyone has its own preferences ^^
But yea first I really want to try out Unix BSD as when you are running Linux 
since few months you might want to discover where everything started : )

Bye and thank you again for your help on closing ipv6 on Debian, I hope it 
might help someone else not willing to have it enabled (for now... as we will 
all have to use it within time !)

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