On Sunday, October 2, 2016 at 3:58:00 PM UTC-4, 
17093284710924378091432780943178 wrote:
> Hello,
> my QR32 is running currently with 4% CPU and 34% RAM.
> And suddenly I get an input gap of 10-20 seconds - only for tying this text.
> This seems not dependent on the lack of hardware. 
> Can I speed up this delay times?
> But it seems if I click short on a dom0 window it wakes up for 3 seconds.
> Kind Regards

strange,  type xlinfo in dom0 terminal and see all your ram is recognized.  how 
much ram?   

besides top, you can try xentop in dom0 terminal to see cpu use from the diff 
vms.  maybe something hogging the cpu?

unplug all usb devices,  try a diff keyboard?  are you using a sys-usb for your 

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