it is more tricky than I thought - to install MSOffice 2013 on Win7 SP1.

Question: How to install MS Office 2013 on a Standalone Win7 SP1?

What I have tried so far:

1) Proper Standalone Win7 Setup with „Bootstrap“ issue
- Installation of a standalone Win7 SP1 by following the documentation
- after the the successful installation of the qubes-win-tools
- I have copied the installation iso to win7sp1
  (all attempts to mount the usb stick with the iso failed)
- installing a third party sw (virtual clonedrive) to mount the iso
- executing the setup.exe
- error message: „MS setup bootstrapper is not working anymore “
- checking the internet to solve the issue „bootstrapper“
- installed mseasyfix50154.msi and followed recommendation for a clean boot 
  by disabling the qubes-win-tools in the startup sequence
- reboot but now the standalone win7sp1 does not boot
  and is not accessible anymore

2) Installation of Win7SP1 without qubes-win-tools
- installation of a standalone win7sp1 without qubes-win-tools
- idea is to install iso  before the qubes-win-tools

- alternative A: mounting iso (not accessible)
  by settings- advanced- additional drive, hd, domain, path/file.iso
  so far the best approach, win recognizes the iso 
  the device manager shows this but no drive letter is assigned 
  and therefore the iso can not be accessed

- alternative B: mounting usb stick 1 (failed)
  command used: (dom0) qvm-start win7sp1 —hddisk=untrusted:/dev/xvdi1
  error message: … failed to create new domain „win7sp1“ (but it is there)
  the same message appears when hddisk is replaced by cdrom
  or using qvm-start win7sp1 —drive=hd:untrusted:/dev/xvdi1

Well, I expected this to be not rocket science because many should have done 
this before me.
But so far my experience shows that it is suprisingly time consuming and it 
feels quit tricky for me to get it done.

So please tell me the simply and fast way to get it done;-)

Best regards


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