pen usb - is it a thumb drive or a tool for drawing?
if thumb drive how do you attach? (block device or usb device?)
are you using the usb-vm? afaik Windows Qubes tools do not yet support USB-passthrough.

The file will usually be in documents folder.
You did install the Windows Qubes Tools, didn't you?


Am 10/06/2016 um 08:38 PM schrieb
On Thursday, 6 October 2016 10:30:19 UTC+1,  wrote:
When I send a file from a appVM to windows HVM, where does it go?
I'm searching but I don't find it

Thank you
Check your user folder, should be in there or in documents. will be in a
folder call QubesIncoming.
Unfortunately there isn't no folder with this name
Another issue is when I attach a pen usb, there isn't no folder where I
can see the file inside


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