Hey folks,

sometimes the sys-firewall (more likely a service within it) crashes and does no longer allow connected VMs to resolve DNS. The ProxyVM must be the responsible entity, because the connection will be fine again If I restart the sys-firewall. Restarting the ProxyVM is tedious, as you cannot simple restart it when running (App)VMs are attached. You have to change the NetVM setting of every running connected AppVM (or shut them down) in order to restart the sys-firewall.

This does not happen very often, just once, twice a month - but is there a less tedious way to fix this? like a shell command to restart the corresponding service in the sys-firewall?

One could use an intermediate proxy, so you have to change only the NetVM of a single connected "App"VM - but what if the same problem occurs with that additional ProxyVM....

What is the problem with restarting a connected ProxyVM anyway? Yes, there should be a warning - but it should be possible to bypass this warning I think.

thanks for reading,

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