Manuel Amador (Rudd-O):
> Folks, it gives me great pleasure to announce the product of over two
> years of work (primarily because I never paid enough attention to this
> project to bring it to completion): Qubes network server.
> The traditional Qubes OS networking model contemplates a client-only use
> case. User VMs (AppVMs or StandaloneVMs) are attached to ProxyVMs, which
> give the user control over outbound connections taking place from user
> VMs. ProxyVMs in turn attach to NetVMs, which provide outbound
> connectivity for ProxyVMs and other user VMs alike.
> Qubes network server changes all that.  With the Qubes network server
> software, it becomes possible to make network servers in user VMs
> available to other machines, be them peer VMs in the same Qubes OS
> system or machines connected to a physical link shared by a NetVM. You
> get actual, full, GUI control over network traffic, both exiting the VM
> and entering the VM, with exactly the same Qubes OS user experience you
> are used to.
> This is all, of course, opt-in, so the standard Qubes OS network
> security model remains in effect until you decide to share network servers.
> Anyway, without further ado:
> Real easy: clone, build, install, test.  I tested it with Qubes 3.1, but
> it's very likely that it'll work fine in Qubes 3.2.  I recommend you
> test this on a Qubes machine that is not your main Qubes machine, but
> the code does not do anything funky, and uninstalling the program should
> be enough to revert your system back to its original state.
> I hope we can turn this add-on into a core Qubes feature.  As always,
> contributions to the project — reports, code enhancements, pull
> requests, other items — are very much welcome!

Ooh, nice!  This should be a huge benefit to usability for these use
cases -- while manual port forwarding via iptables is a thing, it's
really error-prone and time-consuming to debug.  Thanks for your work on
this.  (For anyone wondering, I haven't tested it due to lack of time at
the moment.)


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