On 09/09/2016 12:44 AM, Dima Puntus wrote:
> Hi,
> After testing Qubes for a few weeks (3.1, 3.2-rc1,2&3), here's my 2 cents:
> It's a great OS in many aspects but still unusable outside of the
> small group of the "terminal only" ppl. Reason # 1 is graphics. In
> this day and age it's expected for any OS to at least have basic video
> rendering without glitches. AFAIK, Qubes is still using the old Fedora
> 20 video drivers (even for Intel IGPs), while Fedora 25, Wayland
> enabled is only 2 months away. I thought this was a Xen+Fedora
> limitation, so I installed Fedora 24 + Xen, Ubuntu 16.04+Xen, Debian 8
> + Xen, - and they all work ok with decent drivers. So, I guess, in
> order to conform to certain security requirements, the Qubes team was
> forced to "tweak" the X server and/or drivers.
> So what's the current status on video drivers in Qubes? Is Wayland on
> its way or are we hooped? Any insights? This is not just my personal
> question (though I'd love to switch to Qubes as my primary OS) but
> also many of my colleagues in the IT/IS world.

There was a problem getting Xen to compile in Fedora 24.  Search for
those words in the mailing list.


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