On 10/12/2016 08:50 AM, Robert Mittendorf wrote:
> Well, the discussion leaves the focus I intended it to have.
> It is surely worth thinking about what a minimum templates needs to have.
> Nevertheless I think Qubes is about "I know I can get exploited, so
> just protect the other parts of the system". Afaik a normal Qubes
> template has only the root user, so after an exploit the attacker is
> root in that VM right?
> My thoughts are more about continuing the attack to other QubesVMs or
> even other systems by means of installed Software like a VNC client.

>From a perspective of the current minimal template, the template needs:

* NetworkManager
* NetworkManager-wifi
* network-manager-applet

My manifest here says you must delete
NetworkManager-config-connectivity-fedora.  I don't remember what that
package does.


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