the basic network is sys-net which is connected to sys-firewall

if you connect your AppVm 'personal' with it you ll
use your original IP adress.
sys-net < sys-firewall < personal

thats why I created a ProxyVM named 'vpn'

my AppVm 'Personal' has this ProxyVM named 'vpn' selected as NetVM
sys-net < sys-firewall < vpn < personal

if I do an IP check I get the IP from the vpn server I selected in my 
'vpn' network manager.

 my real IP gets shown if I do not connect to any vpn server in my 'vpn' 

that means my 'personal' appVM connects with the sys-firewall if im not 
connected to any vpn server. (the proxyVM 'vpn' is still running)

how can I force my appvm to not connect to the internet of my sys-firewall and  
only with the vpn ?

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