On 10/12/2016 07:58 PM, Chris Laprise wrote:
> This requirement is already satisfied in the Qubes VPN doc:
> https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/vpn/#set-up-a-proxyvm-as-a-vpn-gateway-using-iptables-and-cli-scripts
> The scripts will stop non-VPN traffic and make sure that DNS operates
> through the VPN instead of going around it.

True, technically, someone reading an anatomy manual /could/ succeed in
performing surgery.

I prefer to release software that solves the issue without the user
having to cobble together scripts and whatnot, which has more of an
opportunity to allow for (fatal, in some cases) error.  Furthermore,
user scripts that people put on a VM once and forgot about them, are
bound to remain unmaintained, whereas with packaged software, there's
the opportunity for me to release updates that work with future Qubes OS

That doc is also like 20 pages long when printed out.  It's a really
long set of instructions.  Why not a drop-in package, and then a config
file, and off to the races we go?  Seems much simpler to me.


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