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On Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 06:23:25PM -0000, johnyju...@sigaint.org wrote:
> Hi, Qubers:
> Wonder if someone could tell me if this is normal/expected behaviour. 
> (3.2rc3):
> If I have a few AppVM's running, at some point, the manager will refuse to
> start any more VM's, complaining about low memory.  Similarly, assigning
> devices to running VM's will fail.  (Most annoying.)
> However, if I close a few apps in the VM's (a big Firefox or two will
> typically do it), then I'm able to fire up a new VM & assign devices to
> the running ones, and am THEN able to relaunch the memory-hungry app/apps
> in the existing running VM's with no problem.
> (Typically at this point, swap is used a bit in dom0 and sometimes the
> VM's, but things still work.  Swap being required to hold the new
> situation may be the distinguishing factor...?)
> The fact app-close -> start-another-vm -> app-restart works while simply
> starting the start-another-vm fails, seems a bit odd to me.
> In fact, I've modified my habits when using Qubes to fire up all the
> AppVM's I might need, right at boot time, so I won't have trouble starting
> them later when apps are running.  That just doesn't seem right, and
> having to restart apps can cause bottlenecks in one's workflow.
> Thoughts?  Anything further I can check to help track down the reason for
> this?  Anything I can do memwriter/mem-balancing wise to help things?

qmemman / meminfo-writer setup things to avoid swap usage, this is
intentional. How it works is documented here:

If you really want to change this, try /etc/qubes/qmemman.conf -
especially cache-margin-factor. You can try setting it to something less
than 1.0. But don't be surprised by some out of memory errors later...

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Invisible Things Lab
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