> I upgraded to 3.2 by backing up in 3.1 and restoring in 3.2.

Did you back up dom0 in 3.1? That is where such configs are.

> I was using xfce in 3.1 and had 4 workspaces (or activities) and each had its 
> own background image and I had different icons placed on each one. Now in 3.2 
> there are 4 workspaces but no icons and the same background. If I add an icon 
> it gets added to all four workspaces.
> Also, under the system tools menu is a menu item for every shortcut in every 
> VM. For example Systemm Tools->work: Files
> Other than this, everything seems to work as before and I cant see anything 
> new.
> I've done the install and restore twice and it was the same both times. 
> Have I done something wrong in the restore? Should I go back to 3.1?

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