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> Can you let me know how things function under 3.2? Any improvements? I am 
> keen to get the X1 4th generation but I want to make sure it has full Qubes 
> compatibility since that will be it's primary purpose.

3.2 is no different from 3.2-rc3 from an x1 hardware-support perspective.

Some things I've discovered since my original post:

The laptop fails to resume about once a day and requires a
hold-the-power-button reset. So far this has not caused any corruption
that I've noticed (perhaps I'm just lucky) and has been only mildly
annoying (or more-than-mildly annoying when forced to re-type my disk
password in a not-so-private environment as a side-effect of

I'm hoping that newer kernels fix this (dom0 currently on 4.4.14-11),
but I have yet to get around to actually trying it. Unfortunately I
have more pressing things to work on than rebasing the qubes kernel
patches and rebooting all day. Perhaps I'll get around to it some
weekend in the not-so-distant future if somebody doesn't beat me to

Battery life for normal browsing, text editing, and the occasional
compile seems to be roughly 6-8 hours.

The super-high-dpi screen IMO turned out to actually be rather
annoying due to insufficient maturity of high-dpi support and my eyes
not having built-in magnifying glasses, so I'm running it at
globally-reduced resolution (scaled w/ xrandr in dom0). That's kinda
lame, but oh well.

Overall I would recommend it. It's been my primary machine for the
past few weeks. Support is good enough right now, and will only
improve with time.

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