If you're going to get one, I'd say definitely go with 16gb ram, and
know that NVMe vs traditional SSDs appear to be equally well

The idea of a WWAN module (w/ accompanying free-to-do-whatever
baseband) in a laptop is a scary proposition and highly
un-recommended, and so are the vPro-labeled NICs (because AMT) but it
appears you can't get the model with the fastest processor without
one. You can "permanently disable AMT" via a bios option, but in
reality who knows if that actually means anything.

A note about placing orders: be sure that you haven't inadvertently
selected a back-ordered component. The order page lead time should say
5-7 days. If it says 10-12 days, they're lying, that's just their
hard-coded "longer than 5-7 days" time. I had a >1 month delay due to
the disk (which I only found out by contacting support after 12 days
and asking wtf was up), and I ended up canceling my order and placing
a new one with different components. (Or perhaps my delays were simply
because the [A-Z]{3} interdiction and implanting facility had a
backlog of work to do... who knows ^_^)

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