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feature.  I use to make menu shortcuts to launch programs in dispvms
inheriting firewall rules.  But xfce only lets you edit already
existing rules,  not create new ones :(   editing a config file is a
little too much effort for me lol.

You can edit the rules in Xfce-Dom0 via the Qubes VM Manager?!

How can this "feature" be disabled? I want to start a normal DispVM, not
a "special" DispVM.....

Of course it's a feature. You want to open those pesky attachments of your mail VM in a dispVM, don't you? But do you want to grant that VM internet access? At least I wouldn't want that and thus would expect that those firewall rules are inherited.

Use Case: Mail VM is only allowed to access Mail-Server. I want to start
a Browser in DispVM for urls in Mails.
This works fine, but those "special" DispVMs have the same limitations.
I want just a normal DispVM like the one started via Dom0. The only way
to achieve this afaik is to let the special DispVM connect to NetVM, so
no ProxyVM is used. But this means that the DispVM has access to the

Currently your easiest option is not to click on the links, but to copy-paste them to an open dispVM. Small sacrifice for a major security gain.

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