It is hard to get TheBrain run perfect under QubesOS.

- no deep link content search (attach a file to PB and type a search-keyword in 
the search field and press enter), which seams not to work
- new node F6 and press the type or tag button, which seams not to work
- node, context menue, new type, select a color, which seams not to work

TheBrain is more than a mindmapping tool, so also file management will work 
fine - so this could also give a central searchable place - in theory - for 

In my eye a real killer application.

But with weaknesses:

- javabased and this might or might not be super secure
- no real DB and this might or might not be super stable for the long time usage
(PB-Backups, btfrs, daily Linux-Backups or QVM-Backups would be recommended, if 
you like to get full access of all your data, even in "bad" situations - 
somethimes thebrain becomes a little or more corrupted. An than perhaps or 
perhaps not you might safe your data).
- keylogger
- cloud (optinal)

But, ok. Is there some similar tool, which works today seamless together with 

Are there any suggestions, how to integrate, comment and search on a big stack 
of informations?


I use thebrain normally for:

- configuration management
- knowlege management
- file management
- search (or better find my things)

And sure I would be happy, if PB7 will work perfect togehter / inside Qubes. 
But I'm also open to better solutions, instead to be in the bug-patch-loop, I 
like more the fast productive working. In general I like the simple NT-style of 
QR32, as long it works and I can generate content.

Kind Regards

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