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On Friday, October 14, 2016 at 6:02:43 PM UTC-4, gaikokuji...@gmail.com wrote:
I made a appvm (fedora 23) just for chromium and started it up and then started 
Chromium and another windows came up saying:

"Choose password for new keyring
An application wants to create a new keyring called 'Default keyring'. Choose the 
password you want to use for it."

What exactly is it asking for? a password for the browser itself? For a site 
(didn't seem like a site) or is it related to the appvm? I wanted to ask before 
creating something I didn't entirely understand.

I think chrome wants to use the linux gnome-keyring.  If you leave it blank and 
just hit continue it won't ask again.

Exyctly, the window is coming from gnome-keyring. And it comes back, at least it did for me... Easiest way to disable it is to rename the gnome-keyring daemon in your template VM to some different name - as long as you don't need it elsewhere. Uninstalling gnome-keyring is unfortunately not easily possible due to some dumb dependency (also discussed elsewhere @qubes-users).

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