On 10/14/2016 03:39 PM, pleom...@gmail.com wrote:
> What im doing wrongso so its not working on fedora-23-minimal
> i follow this steps
> 1.install openvpn in fedora minimal template
> 2.copy to fedora min template qubes-vpn*.noarch.rpm that i build in git qubes
> 3.mkdir /rw/config/qubes-vpn
> 4 copy VPN .ovpn config files there
> 5.create file qubes-vpn.creds  1 line username 2 line pass
> 6 mv vpn-config.ovpn qubes-vpn.conf
> 7.edit qubes-vpn.conf and add 
> auth-user-pass qubes-vpn.creds
> auth-retry nointeract
> 8.create vpn vm from fedora minimal - check box proxy vm trugh sys-fireewall
> 9 in VPN vm i add qubes-vpn to service
> 1- add firewall restrict in firewall tab * port
> 11 test config : openvpn --config qubes-vpn.conf     SUCCES connect
> 12.shutdown VPN vm
> 13 set WORK VM to use VPN insted sys-firewall
> 14 start WORK vm
> 15 VPN starts automaticaly
> 16 Firefox in WORK start
> and it wont connect 

I need more information.  Things that I may find useful to help you:

* A snapshot of your journalctl -b in the ProxyVM.
* Your VPN configuration (without any secret credentials).



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