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> Hi Chris,
> Thanks for the suggestion.
> Just to clarify, the VPN tunnel was created within the sys-firewall,

I believe the VPN set up by the instructions in the official docs
interfere with the updates proxy functionality.

Try this: https://github.com/Rudd-O/qubes-vpn .  Pay special attention
to README.md heading "Updates of template VMs attached to the VPN VM". 
That ought to work.

>  and currently that's the only proxyVM that I'm using (apart from the 
> sys-whonix), hence all traffic from the sys-net isn't encapsulated by the 
> tunnel.
> My understanding is that the sys-firewall merely forwards the traffic through 
> the sys-net by adding a forwad rule in the sys-firewall every time a new VM 
> is started. For that reason I was wondering if I cannot solve this more 
> effectively by simple adding a forwarding rule in the sys-firewall to 
> whitelist all traffic originated from to the destination address 
> and port 8082, wouldn't this be possible? 
> Privacy during updates are not an issue for me, by the contrary, since this 
> would allow more network throughput.
> I confess I'm not very keen in changing templates or creating a dedicated 
> proxyVm for this purpose.
> Thanks
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