Hi everyone,
in the last months I've been getting a lot (say, twice a week?) of
notifications of dom0 updates available which turn out to be false. I run
$ sudo qubes-dom0-update
but it tells me that there are no updates available.

I can't really recall exactly when this started, nor can I connect the
beginning of this with any specific events. I did some manual RPM
installations in dom0, related to Xorg and some Radeon drivers, which
have been ultimately undone; I don't know if this may have affected the

I believe I remember that it's the firewallVM that does the actual
update check for dom0, so I ask: is there anything that needs to be
synchronized? My firewallVM is based off Fedora 24 (not the default
template, but the old Fd-23 manually updated to 24), and dom0 has Fedora
23 (Qubes is R3.2).

If you have any other ideas for further debug (like "please check these
two files they should match" or "make sure this command returns zero")
let me know.. I know nothing about yum/dnf/rpm as a system.


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