Hey folks,

maybe someone did solve my problem before.

I want to allow Thunderbird in MailVM to update extensions. That is easy for non-AMO[1] extensions, but AMO uses a lot of IPs for load-balancing, availability and performance. Any idea of how to allow AMO-based extension updates?

[1]AMO is addons.mozilla.org, the official "repository" for extensions of Mozilla products

The URLs are


A quick check of DNS for IPs resolves to:

DNS propagation results for versioncheck.addons.mozilla.org

Expected value (discovered direct from the root servers):

Location   Lookup Result   Status
Atlanta, USA
Falkenstein, Germany
Hong Kong, China
Johannesburg, South Africa
Las Vegas, USA
London, UK
Los Angeles, USA
Milan, Italy
Montreal, Canada
New York, USA
Rotterdam, Netherlands
Seattle, USA
Sydney, Australia
Toyko, Japan

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