On 10/17/2016 09:42 AM, Robert Mittendorf wrote:

Currently your easiest option is not to click on the links, but to
copy-paste them to an open dispVM. Small sacrifice for a major
security gain.

Well, the "easiest" option is to use a net-vm directly. What is the
security gain? Its a dispVM after all.

The data copied to that VM (i.e. the pdf file or whatever you opened) must be considered leaked if the VM gets compromised via e.g. drive-by exploits. Agreed, it's limited to that data, but nevertheless an unexpected potential impact. And depending on your data it can be critical.

From a usability point of view you'll also get annoyed if you cannot print in dispVMs just because your firewall rules allowing connectivity to your printer aren't inherited, but those to allowing connectivity to the internet suddenly are in place.

Moreover your netVM is also inherited and firewall rules can have a different meaning depending on your netvm (just imagine the same private subnets being used for 2 different networks), i.e. it makes sense to inherit firewall rules, if you do it for netVMs.

Btw inheriting netVMs makes a lot of sense if you imagine one Tor proxy VM and one directly connected one. So a dispVM from a Tor connected VM would spawn a direct internet connection in your case... Currently it fortunately does not.

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