I've spent a few hours every time a new release has come out since 2.0 trying 
to get a successful install going on my personal workstation to no avail. Every 
single time things go sideways where the installer creates the default 
DisposableVM. I see in 3.2 the installer has had a lot of work done so I was 
really hoping I'd be able to get past the hurdle this time but no such luck.

I've tried installing to SSDs and USB sticks and I'm not using particularly 
strange hardware. I was able to boot 3.1 by using the text based installer from 
another PTY after the graphical installer failed and skipping the step that 
creates VMs but the resulting environment was basically crippled and I found it 
impossible to bootstrap because to go through the steps that generate the 
default vms and vm templates required deleting existing VMs that were flagged 
essential and I couldn't quite figure out how to get around that.

I don't know what it is about my setup that so consistently causes the 
installation to fail. When I google for solutions I seem to be the only one 
having this particular problem and I spent about a week in the IRC channel a 
few months back trying to get 3.1 to work without success.

If anyone has any insight or could suggest how I would go about debugging the 
problem I would really appreciate it; if there's anything I can share to help 
paint the picture please just let me know.

Thanks very much!

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