> I just did a clean install of Qubes 3.2. For some reason the resolution off 
> apps in Fedora VMs is wildly inconsistent. The borders of the windows, dom0, 
> and the Debian VMs are correct but the apps in Fedora VMs range from 
> consistent with the others to so low as to be almost unusable. I can't figure 
> out what causes them to change and xrandr outputs the same thing no matter 
> what the displayed resolution is.

I think this occurred for me a few weeks ago.  If I recall correctly,
the HiDPI settings in GNOME had somehow been set to 0.  No magnification
is 1, double magnification is 2.  0 gets interpreted as 2, for reasons
that only the GNOME people are likely to understand.  The standard GNOME
procedures for changing HiDPI settings fixed it for me (I restored it to 1).

Sorry I don't have more details for you, I don't believe I wrote down
the fix at the time.


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