Apologies for the reply to self, but I have received great news.

The first piece of great news is that a user of Qubes VPN found a bug
that made it impossible for Qubes VPN to work with tun-style VPN
providers.  We have fixed that bug thanks to his cooperation, and you
can see the result of our bug report and conversation here:


The second piece of great news is that, based on what he reported there,
ABSOLUTELY NO TRAFFIC ever leaked from his VPN-protected AppVM to any
sort of network device, as the VPN VM still prevented the traffic from
going anywhere else except over the VPN.

That means: even under an environment where a critical bug rendered VPN
operation impossible, Qubes VPN still managed to prevent leaks 100%.

I am quite happy to see that the engineering gone into this thing
actually paid off big time.

Have you tried Qubes VPN yet?



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