On 09/03/2016 12:49 AM, Connor Page wrote:
> I have calibrated my yellow screen using argyllcms. 
> I don't attach usb devices to dom0 so installed it in sys-usb as well. 
> used 
> https://encrypted.pcode.nl/blog/2013/11/24/display-color-profiling-on-linux/ 
> as a rough guide. 
> to get the calibration done you just need to run dispcal and then transfer 
> the calibration file to dom0.
> then test it with "dispwin xxx.cal" in dom0. if happy, create an autostart 
> item with that command (probably,
> using the full path to the calibration file) and you're done.

I just started to experiment with display color correction things.

I wonder how it is workig in Qubes because as far as i know:

- the display profile is used only the programs are aware of icc profiles.

- the X server runs in dom0, the apps are in AppVMs - but no
communication about display prifiles (colord) because of the qubes gui

> I went further and created an icc profile for use in firefox and photo 
> software. 
If no colord is runnin in an appvm, how they apply your prifile then?
You just manually configure all of the icc profile aware apps??

Can you please describe in more details what and how you achieved?



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