On 10/28/2016 01:19 PM, Zrubi wrote:
> On 09/03/2016 12:49 AM, Connor Page wrote:
>> I have calibrated my yellow screen using argyllcms. 
>> I don't attach usb devices to dom0 so installed it in sys-usb as well. 
>> used 
>> https://encrypted.pcode.nl/blog/2013/11/24/display-color-profiling-on-linux/ 
>> as a rough guide. 
>> to get the calibration done you just need to run dispcal and then transfer 
>> the calibration file to dom0.
>> then test it with "dispwin xxx.cal" in dom0. if happy, create an autostart 
>> item with that command (probably,
>> using the full path to the calibration file) and you're done.
> I just started to experiment with display color correction things.
> I wonder how it is workig in Qubes because as far as i know:
> - the display profile is used only the programs are aware of icc profiles.
> - the X server runs in dom0, the apps are in AppVMs - but no
> communication about display prifiles (colord) because of the qubes gui
> protocol.

Do you have any idea what to look for in order to be able to calibrate
my screen under Qubes?

What I already tried:

- the standard gnome color management tools runned in (sys-usb)
But it is complaining that there is no display to calibrate.

running the same calibration software directly complains about there is
no colord available (masked)

(gcm-calibrate:1459): Gcm-WARNING **: failed to connect to colord: Error
calling StartServiceByName for org.freedesktop.ColorManager:
GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.systemd1.UnitMasked: Unit colord.service is

- diplayCal is happy with the dummy display seen by the AppVM, and do
not depend on colord - but it fails on some X calls(?)

Debug: window wxComboBox(0x561c58c3a230, ) lost focus even though it
didn't have it
X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
  Major opcode of failed request:  42 (X_SetInputFocus)

Or I should connect the calibration device to dom0 and start the
calibration from dom0?
(Also noted that there is no colord running, so I may have to apply the
profile viea diplaycal cli)



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