On 11/03/2016 07:51 PM, Marek Marczykowski-Górecki wrote:

> Really is all that needed? I'd guess you need to have the window visible
> during calibration only, which means it should be ok to manually switch
> it to fullscreen (from titlebar menu) for that time only. As for the
> brightness - is it ok to set it manually? 

Theoretically yes, setting up those things manually should be enough -
but the actual software simply not designed to this case.

> If the software do not need to change any video driver properties during
> the process, it should be ok to run it in the VM.
> Of course in practice calibration software may not like those
> constrains...

Just found out that some test during an 'accurate' (long) calibration
process do want to modify (apply the half baked profile) driver settings
and checking the results, then make modification and checking it again.
Doing this till find the best results.

So calibrating from a Qubes AppVM seems to be a dead end.

(but I still in a hope for a calibrated display - it is really needed if
you want to work on photographs - like I do)

Already tried to lower the security bar and attached the device to dom0,
and run the calibration there. The software is running fine, however
applying the resulted (or any other pre definde/test) profile seems not
working as expected. (no effect seen)

Work in progress in this part....


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