Using stock android-x86_64-6.0-r1.iso from (cm not tested)

1. no boot
2. mouse support
3. wake from sleep
4. private storage
5. secure clipboard

1. If HVM hangs priors to splash screen, try adding `vga=ask` to boot kernel 
parameters. (1024x768x16 works for me)

2. Mouse cursor needs to be dragged around inside vm. 
Not aware of any workaround. 
Previously reported:

3. Can't figure out how to wake hvm from sleep. 
Untested workaround: Disable sleep completely by adding: 
"setprop sleep.state disabled" to /data/local.prop
or "sleep.state=disabled" to /system/build.prop 

4. Is moving /home/ as simple as copying and editing fstab or are there 
qubes-specific steps that need to be taken? If yes, would appreciate it if 
someone could point me to qubes package that handles this.

5. No clue. I hope someone is willing to work on this.

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