Hey there,

I am currently trying to get a live usb drive of Qubes running but the OS 
freezes after the first login prombt. I since tried to get several linux based 
live systems (e.g. Tails, regular Debian) running, but all fail right after the 

I have since searched around and think it could be related to my system 
utilizing an AMD GPU (R 290) . I found this possible relevant thread on the 
Qubes troubleshoot FAQs -> 
https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/qubes-devel/4npXsO2mL3Y. In this 
thread, a similiar problem has been resolved by adding some firmware to the OS, 
but the link is not working for the new firmware.

Is there a good resource someone could point me to? Or, theoretically speaking, 
is it possible to install Qubes on a flash drive (min. 32 GB, I think) or an 
Intel machine and then install the required firmware? My CPU lacks internal GPU 
capabilities, but in my head, this could work, right?

Thanks for your time!

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