> Hello,


> Thank you for your work on Qubes. Note: I haven't used Linux in more than a 
> decade. I have installed Qubes and there's a couple of things I haven't 
> learned yet. Despite installing multiple word processors, none of my .odt 
> files will open via Qubes. I think I need step by step command lines to run 
> in terminal to install LibreOffice onto every Domain, Template, and Workspace 
> and in their respective Shortcut list. Also, LibreOffice is no longer listed 
> in Software when I attempt to reinstall it via GUI.


> Also, when opening a Word Processing application, I can never browse or even 
> see a USB drive, even after mounting it. I would like the system, including 
> my Domain: work Web Browser, to always see and browse the thumb drive if 
> possible.

Qubes Version 3.2 R3.2

Intel core i3 2.4GHz



Thank you.


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