On 11/11/2016 06:01 PM, entr0py wrote:
> Thanks! With that, some progress... Deleting `<input type='mouse'
> bus='xen'/>` from the config file results in usbtablet being replaced
> with ps/2 mouse device.

Awesome, thanks Marek!

Is there any way to make this permanent so we don't need to start the VM
with qvm-start each time?

> Now, the pointer tracks mouse movements
> automatically instead of requiring manual dragging. However, the
> mouse acceleration doesn't match and the two pointers become
> de-synced.

It was de-synced before already I think, but it would of course be nice
if that could be adjusted as well.

> @Torsten: Did you see my last comment on the issue tracker? Other
> than that, make sure partition is bootable and use a compatible vga
> mode.

Yes, I saw that. Thanks! Didn't had time yet to try again.

Kind Regards,

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