Sec Tester:
>> Good day
>> I want to install an android emulator in Qubes and reading some review,
>> Genymotion is the best. The issue is that it run in Virtualbox, how can I
>> install it in Qubes?
>> Thanks
> Nice question. I would also like to know.
> Have you setup a Win7 HVM?
> This maybe be the best place to try setup Genymotion.

May be theoretically possible but not for the faint-of-heart.

You would need to patch Xen to allow nested HVM, then use VGA-passthrough to 
give Genymotion a GPU.

Android on Qubes is not well supported (and probably shouldn't be).

There is a current thread discussing Android-x86 / RemixOS:!topic/qubes-users/frK8xaBh9pI

and Github issue:

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