> qubes-template-archlinux package is available qubes-templates-community 
> repository!

Make a wish 8-). But watch the movie “Wishmaster” first to see why getting more 
Genies is not a good idea.

> I haven't tested it in any way. It include only what builder-archlinux
> scripts does

> - test it out

Without testing it (I do not have real bandwidth in the middle of nowhere right 
now): Did you modify /etc/fstab to mount a /dev/shm larger than 256MB?

> - automate powerpill setup (probably as part of core-agent-linux
>   repository - some post-installation script or such)

As much as I am in favor of it, everybody with a good grasp on security should 
think what was the least of three evils: Adding another repository (for 
powerpill as package), using the AUR to install powerpill or giving his 
template access to the network for updating (while updating). I’m still not 
clear about it myself (although using powerpill at home with a 400 MBit line 
is… fascinating).

> - adjust https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/templates/archlinux/
> - write some separate announcement(?)

Just change the subject on this message 8-)


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