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On Sat, Nov 12, 2016 at 08:40:26PM -0800, Sec Tester wrote:
> > > This might add significant time to the install, but could be a tick box 
> > > option, with a note about extra time.
> > 
> > I think a better practice along these lines is to supply the additional 
> > packages needed to create a desktop-friendly template... alongside the 
> > minimal template. This would take a *little* extra time during installation.
> > 
> > Another option would be to simply provide a script that purges all the 
> > packages that are unneeded for a minimal template.
> > 
> Good suggestion. A script that shrinks templates into minimals. I like this 
> idea. A script could then also create a min debian template too.
> I just had a look inside the Qubes-R3.2-x86_64.iso
> I found the templates under packages/q
> I wonder if a script could also be used to turn a whonix-ws into a whonix-gw 
> or vise versa. This could reduce the size of the Qubes.iso by about 500mb. 
> making more room for other goodies.

Actually, it may be even possible to transform debian-8-minimal into whonix-ws
and whonix-gw - given some not-so-big additional local packages
repository. Search for "apt-get install whonix" on
phabricator.whonix.org. This is on the roadmap, but there are also much
more higher priority tasks...

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Invisible Things Lab
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