On Monday, December 21, 2015 at 10:30:49 PM UTC-6, Alex Guzman wrote:
> Installed Qubes with no (noticable) issues.
> Attempted EFI boot fails -- I disabled the quiet flags and it seems to hang 
> after loading Linux (the last line displayed is something relating to EFI 
> variables, iirc)
> Legacy boot works fine. Tested various VMs, seems to be working well. 
> Networking works OOB, audio works, etc.
> TPM is installed on the board and I was able to use it successfully. Tested 
> AEM, seems to work thus far.
> Only real annoyance is that the RF kill key doesn't seem to work (at least 
> when using XFCE, haven't tried KDE).

How do I disable quiet flags? I am having a similar issue with my acer Aspire 
E15 Touch. Four penguins, something about EFI and mapping and it just freezes 
there for eternity while my exhaust fan goes nuts.

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