On 11/16/2016 02:33 PM, Grzesiek Chodzicki wrote:
W dniu środa, 16 listopada 2016 20:04:14 UTC+1 użytkownik Loren Rogers napisał:
Hi all,

I've successfully installed Qubes on my Thinkpad X201 tablet, but it has
issues shutting down. When I explicitly tell it to reboot or shutdown,
it goes through the entire shutdown sequence, but hangs on an empty
black screen. Occasionally, I see an unchanging white underscore (_)
character displayed in the top left when it hangs.

I tried leaving it in this state for about an hour, and no change--I've
always had to force-reset. I assume this is not normal?

Also, I find that the system randomly begins the shutdown sequence on
its own. (And hangs on the black screen at the end.)

The same issue occurs on my system only if I shut the system down while a VM 
with a PCI device without FLR support is running

Interesting - thanks for the info. Are you saying it doesn't shut down, or that it shuts down automatically?

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