Torsten Grote:
> On 11/11/2016 06:01 PM, entr0py wrote:
>> Thanks! With that, some progress... Deleting `<input type='mouse' 
>> bus='xen'/>` from the config file results in usbtablet being
>> replaced with ps/2 mouse device.
> I finally got around to try that and it works indeed!
>> Now, the pointer tracks mouse movements automatically instead of
>> requiring manual dragging. However, the mouse acceleration doesn't
>> match and the two pointers become de-synced.
> Yes that has other usability issues than the drag pointer. I wonder if
> it is possible to change the mouse speed somehow. Maybe just temporarily
> in dom0?
>> The mouse problem is not a Xen/Qubes issue. Android-x86-4.4-r5 
>> (KitKat) works perfectly on Qubes. Input handling has changed somehow
>> in Lollipop/Marshamallow. I would be perfectly content to use KitKat
>> but (of course), that version doesn't emulate OpenGL (under Qubes)
>> which breaks many Android apps
> For me the problem with Android 4.4 is that it doesn't support ADB over
> IP, so there seems to be no way to connect with the debug bridge to it.
>> @Torsten: Did you see my last comment on the issue tracker? Other 
>> than that, make sure partition is bootable and use a compatible vga 
>> mode.
> Yes, I saw that, but I still can't boot the installed version. If I boot
> into the system right after installation it works, but if I shut it down
> and try to boot later, it just maxes out the load on one CPU and hangs
> at "Booting from Hard Disk..."
> The partition is bootable and I installed GRUB and tried EFI GRUB 2 as
> well. It doesn't even seem to reach GRUB, so maybe an incompatible vga
> mode is not the problem. Do you use GPT? Which filesystem?
> When trying around I could even once get GRUB2 to start only to then
> fail with an error 17.
> I have the same issue with Android 4 and 6. Do you remove the "CD" from
> the VM config after the installation or do you always boot from the ISO?
> Kind Regards,
> Torsten

GPT: no
GRUB: yes
Filesystem: whatever is the latest, EXT3/4
System: read/write (most likely irrelevant)

I always `Reboot` after install. When the GRUB loader appears, I kill the VM 
and clone if necessary at that point. I vaguely recall having had problems by 
Launching right after install.

It appears the video mode incompatibilities have been resolved since I last 
played with this. You should be able to proceed straight to the desktop. 
RemixOS is much more usable on the desktop and also has an option to disable 
screen timeout in Marshmallow. Damn mouse though...

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