Hi All,
I have an installation of QubeOS 3.2  inside a KVM VM (I know that it's
not recommended but it's very practical for testing) that was working
without any major issue since last week when I decided to upgrade to the
fedora-24 template and have migrated the net-vm et the firewall-vm to
use the new template.
Since then, the networking (e.g. internet access) is no longer working
on all the AppVM except on the net-vm.
I noted that when an AppVM is started there is no vif interface that is
brought up in its configured NetVM as it used be the case when fedora-23
template was used for the NetVM.
Does somebody have the same issue? How could I fix/workaround the problem?
Is there a way to manually and properply bring up the vif.XX interface
to establish the connection between a VM and its configured NetVM?
Thanks for your help.


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