Dear Marek,

I've tried the solution you proposed in that post. I've managed to make that 
little script to work (strangely enough, it looks like salt minds about 
indenting in the code. I'm mainly used to latex that doesn't care and this left 
me a bit surprised.

I created a file /srv/salt/update-templates.sls and wrote 

 pkg.uptodate: []

into it. Then I created /srv/salt/ and wrote 

  - match: pillar
  - update-templates 

into it. Then I gave ' sudo qubesctl top.enalbe update-templates ' and tested 
it with ' sudo qubesctl --all state.highstate ' (these commands don't work for 
me if I'm not superuser). unfortunately, this doesn't work for me. There is 
some green stuff going on (like qvm.exists and other things that I don't really 
understand). Then, it runs through the templates returning errors (it basically 
says, as an instance, 'fedora-23: ERROR'). On the app vm it just skips saying 
that there is nothing to do (and this is what it is supposed to do, so at least 
it recognizes that it has to run only on templates).

My feeling (that may be wrong, obviously) is that the command  pkg.uptodate: [] 
does not work for god only knows what reason. Any idea?


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