Hi all, 

I've not seen many docker posts, but for the heck of it I'd like to report on 
how I made an app-vm that has a website running in docker and reachable by 
everything connected to sys-firewall.

1) install docker in fedora-24, dnf install docker

2) create the new appvm, I called it 'docker'

3) in that app-vm in /rw/config/rc.local, i put:

rm -rf /var/lib/docker
ln -s /home/user/docker /var/lib/docker
systemctl start docker

, and I made the dir in /home/user/docker
now as root i can use 'docker ps' and everything.

4) networking, making 'docker' visible:
   on docker app-vm in /rw/config/qubes-firewall-user-script, i put:

iptables -I INPUT -s -j ACCEPT

   on sys-firewall, in /rw/config/qubes-firewall-user-script, i put:

iptables -I FORWARD 2 -s -d $(docker-appvm-ip) -j ACCEPT

Ok, that's all i have on docker, and it works great.

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