First, I want to thank you for your efforts on Qubes OS, and for improving OS 
security/privacy in general. I am new to Qubes OS, have been enjoying it a lot, 
and have a few questions:

* Primarily I would like to use Qubes for data science work. I understand that 
OpenGL is not supported for security concerns. I'm wondering whether I could 
use a OpenCL on a GPU in Qubes for running deep learning algorithms. Would this 
be supported? Is it a security concern as well?

* Secondarily I would like to use Qubes for development work in Rust. I 
understand that Rust can eliminate many different sorts of memory related bugs. 
Would this be helpful to use in Qubes OS development for improving security? 
Are there any security concerns to prevent using Rust?

* Finally, I am interested in the Purism Librem 13 laptop and noticed that it 
was supported for Qubes R3.x but not R4.x. Is this because of some hardware 
issues or because R4.x hasn't been released yet?

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