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> W dniu czwartek, 24 listopada 2016 20:53:08 UTC+1 użytkownik 
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>> I am interested in purchasing the Purism Librem 13 laptop and noticed that 
>> it was supported for Qubes R3.x but not R4.x.
>> Is this because of some hardware issues or because R4.x hasn't been released 
>> yet? Would it make sense to wait for R4.x before purchasing?
> Definitely wait for 4.X

Why? I don't see the logic for that...

I can't envision hardware support regressions on a laptop that (afaik
at least one?) of the devs use as their primary machine.

AFAIK the librem isn't certified for Qubes 4 because it lacks open
firmware which is one of the requiements to be certified for qubes 4
[1], but no machine currently meets those, and librem hardware won't
magically degrade itself with the passage of time in qubes-land.

IMO if it meets your needs now, it will continue to meet your needs then...

[1]: https://www.qubes-os.org/news/2016/07/21/new-hw-certification-for-q4/

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