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> * Primarily I would like to use Qubes for data science work. I understand 
> that OpenGL is not supported for security concerns. I'm wondering whether I 
> could use a OpenCL on a GPU in Qubes for running deep learning algorithms. 
> Would this be supported? Is it a security concern as well?

If you have a dedicated GPU which you are not trying to use to render
output to a display and just using for GPGPU computing, then AFAIK it
should be a simple matter of doing PCI for it to the VM in which you
wish to do your data science. A thing to look for is whether your GPU
supports Function Level Reset (FLR) [1], which makes pci un-assigning
and re-assigning much more likely to not leave things in an unusable
state requiring reboots.

You may find that you need to blacklist drivers from attaching to the
device in dom0 so that dom0 does not put it into an unknown state
before it gets initialized in your AppVM.

I am currently trying to get similar things working, but am by no
means an expert in this area.


> * Secondarily I would like to use Qubes for development work in Rust. I 
> understand that Rust can eliminate many different sorts of memory related 
> bugs. Would this be helpful to use in Qubes OS development for improving 
> security? Are there any security concerns to prevent using Rust?

If you are talking about re-writing core qubes things in rust, then I
think that'd be pretty cool, but there are some things to keep in

1) It is desirable for qubes core stuff to remain portable. In
particular, some of the core things were made to work on windows. See

2) It would be nice to try to keep the set things in the core
ecosystem smal, for both auditability (many people (including myself)
are not qualified to audit rust) and for complexity and dependencies
for building.

> * Finally, I am interested in the Purism Librem 13 laptop and noticed that it 
> was supported for Qubes R3.x but not R4.x. Is this because of some hardware 
> issues or because R4.x hasn't been released yet?

AFAIK because it still has a non-free BIOS? I'm not certain.

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