Purism laptops are new intel so they will never have real coreboot support, only FSP shimboot which is a black box that does most of the work.

Its pointless, honestly you might as well just get an AMD (with iommu/amd-vi) laptop if you want to avoid ME (just make sure it does not have AMD PSP, lol) - it'll have a closed source BIOS but no more dangerous than FSP in terms of backdoor potential.

You could also get an older pre-FSP thinkpad, as there is some work being done RE: stripping out and thus nerfing most of ME.


Purism is at best, selling an unfinished product and at worst being incredibly dishonest. If google can't get intel to hand over the FSP and ME code then nobody can. I think it is funny that the purism types thinks that setting ME to "disabled" in option rom actually shuts it off.

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