On Friday, 25 November 2016 14:30:43 UTC+11, Jean-Philippe Ouellet  wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 24, 2016 at 6:55 PM, Drew White <drew.qu...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > Is there any way that I can pass through all real hardware specifics to the 
> > guest to make it not think it's running under xen? (primarily Windows)
> Malware trying to determine if it's on bare metal will likely always
> be able to do so, other classes of software should "Just Work" in HVM
> and (barring bugs in device emulation) are not likely to care.
> Is there a particular reason you ask?

I'm asking because I want to know if there is a way or not.
To get some software to work properly it needs to be able to read certain parts 
of the system to get the identity and generate the keys to identify the pc as 
the pc to activate. I.E. it can't be run on multiple PCs, only the one that I 
registered it on.

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