It seems that Purism has failed to follow through on its promise to provide 
open firmware (i.e coreboot) and overstated it's capability to provide a 
completely free firmware (i.e. libreboot). As a result, they have left many 
unhappy customers and/or prospective customers. I doubt that we will ever have 
libreboot on current/new Intel hardware.

Optimistically speaking, a truly open hardware ecosystem (i.e. Risc-V, 
OpenPower) will likely take ~3-10 years to become commercially viable. 
Considering the pragmatic approach that Qubes OS is taking, it would seem ideal 
to get the most secure and privacy-protecting hardware in the short-term until 
such time that we can have "truly" secure and privacy-protecting hardware in 
the long-term.

As Marek pointed out, the Librem 13 would work with Qubes OS 4.x and "may be 
somehow more secure with Coreboot (less places to hide some backdoor), but may 
be also less stable - depending how mature is Librem 13 support in Coreboot." 
As Grzesiek pointed out, waiting until 4.x to be released makes sense since "a 
better option might present itself". In addition, it would give Purism an 
opportunity to right a wrong.

That said, besides the Librem 13, I haven't seen nor heard of another laptop 
that provides hardware switches to disable camera/audio/wifi and components 
that do not require blobs (CPU excepted of course). Besides my Google Pixel LS 
Chromebook running linux, I'm unsure whether there is  a better option at this 


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